Helping Individuals and Families Regain Control of Their Financial Futures

I am excited to open The Jones Law Firm. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the mission of this firm and to also introduce myself. My goal is to help people in this community facing financial difficulties. I understand debt and financial trouble can be overwhelming. But that is why I am here—I want to help! The Jones Law Firm’s mission statement is simple—we are dedicated to “helping individuals and families regain control of their financial futures.” Using the powerful tools the U.S. Bankruptcy Code provides, we can help people eliminate debt and take control of their financial futures. Many people do not realize that they are eligible for bankruptcy relief. There are also many misconceptions about the bankruptcy process. This website addresses many of those misconceptions and dispels many bankruptcy myths. I also understand that everyone’s situation is different. No one is just a “number” at my firm. Many bankruptcy firms treat bankruptcy like a factory—they just process as many cases as possible and as quickly as possible. I will never do this. I want to get to know my clients and I want them to get to know me. What are your financial goals? What are your concerns? This is the only way to effectively craft individual solutions suited for each client. I also understand that bankruptcy is not always the right solution—if so, I will be honest and tell you so. I have been involved in the bankruptcy system for over ten years. I started my legal career practicing with a large local bankruptcy firm. I helped hundreds of clients get financial relief. I then spent two years working for a bankruptcy trustee. This experience helped me better understand the bankruptcy process from a different perspective. For the last five years I have been serving as a law clerk for a bankruptcy judge. The law clerk experience has been invaluable. Not only have I increased my knowledge about the bankruptcy process, but I have been able to witness first-hand the techniques and strategies that are most effective (and not effective) in representing individuals in bankruptcy court. My clients can rest assured that they have hired an attorney with the knowledge and experience to best represent their interests in bankruptcy. I intend to periodically post blogs discussing important bankruptcy topics and other topics relevant to my clients. Please contact me if you have any questions about any of the topics discussed in a blog post or if you simply have any questions or concerns you would like me to address.
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