Questions To Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

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We know that finding a bankruptcy attorney who makes you feel comfortable during your time of financial uncertainty can be challenging. But once you do find an attorney to meet with you may be asking yourself, what should I be asking them? At The Jones Law Firm, we know how important that initial meeting is to make sure you feel secure in selecting an attorney to be your guide through the bankruptcy process. We’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask your bankruptcy attorney as you begin the process.

1. What form of bankruptcy should I file?

While you likely know your financial situation and the overall projection to getting yourself out of financial disarray, knowing which form of bankruptcy is right for you can be complicated. When asking your attorney which form is best, typically Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, come prepared with:
  • Two months of pay stubs
  • A list of all debts
  • Bank statements
  • Lawsuits or other court papers
  • Car titles
  • Mortgage and deed paperwork
  • List of assets
This will help determine if you need to complete the means test and therefore determine which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you.

2. What fees and additional costs can I expect?

Bankruptcy is a financial decision as much as it is financial help. Many of us will hear the costs associated with filing and decide to try to pull ourselves out of it. To give you peace of mind about the additional costs associated with bankruptcy, be sure to ask what the attorney charges, how court fees are handled, and if you have to pay for additional credit counseling courses or if it is factored in elsewhere. We’ve broken down the costs of bankruptcy here.

3. How long can it take?

It is likely that you’ve been struggling financially for some time and are looking for relief. Typically, bankruptcy can take anywhere from months to years to see final results. When asking your bankruptcy attorney the timeline you can expect, be sure to discuss your long term goals, life changes including children, divorce, or even change of income, as this all can impact the bankruptcy process and timeline.

4. What are the common issues that come up when filing for bankruptcy the first time?

The biggest problem your bankruptcy attorney is likely to tell you about is the idea that filing without an attorney is a fine idea. Unfortunately, the most common issues come to light when someone files without a trusted attorney to guide them, just slowing the process down, or altogether hindering their ability to file.

5. Is now the time to file?

If you are considering bankruptcy over other forms of debt relief, chances are now is the time to file. Your bankruptcy attorney will be able to review your particular case and help you decide if your debts and income qualify you for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or if you can manage repayment plans given your current state.

Navigate Bankruptcy With The Jones Law Firm

It’s only to be expected that as you begin the bankruptcy process, you’ll have questions about the bankruptcy process. Don’t leave it up to Google searches--contact Columbus, Ohio bankruptcy attorney Michael Ryan Jones today to have your questions answered. Our free consultation will give you an idea of the form of bankruptcy that is right for you, and any costs associated with it.
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