The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, the long-anticipated document you will be awaiting is your discharge. This signals that you are no longer responsible for many of the debts you owe. For many, this is the biggest relief as your financial future can get the restart it needs.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge in Columbus and Central Ohio: Jones Law Firm

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges release you as the debtor from personal liability for the specific debts. The discharge is a permanent order which prohibits any creditors from taking collections or pursuing legal action, communication, etc. against you for debts held.

Depending on the type of bankruptcy filed will determine when the discharge occurs. In a chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, the discharge occurs rather quickly, within months of filing. 

You will receive your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge via mail. In addition, all creditors, the U.S. trustee, the trustee involved in your case, and your attorney will receive a copy of the discharge notice.

The discharge notice will explain what debts are discharged—not what isn’t. So be mindful of that when you receive your discharge. Your notice will inform your creditors that the debts owed to them have been discharged and they are not to seek further collection. Should they continue to contact you, the creditor may be found in contempt. 

When You Are Denied Discharge

While in many cases your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will go through, there are instances where you will be denied a discharge. Such reasons you may not receive a Chapter 7 discharge include:

  • Your financial records and banking did not support your discharge
  • You did not fully explain the loss of assets
  • Perjury was committed
  • You did not obey an order of the bankruptcy court
  • You transferred, concealed, or destroyed property that would have become the property of the estate
  • You did not complete the financial management course

Get Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge Advice in Columbus and Central Ohio

Understanding the bankruptcy process can be tricky. Though you may feel overwhelmed by the debts you cannot pay, The Jones Law Firm can help you navigate the system to get a satisfactory result. If you have questions about your chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact us today. With offices in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, The Jones Law Firm works with clients in and around Columbus and throughout central Ohio.