Ways to Save This Holiday Season

blue piggy bank wrapped in christmas lights
2020 has been a tough year for everyone, making a lot of us rethink our holiday spending habits. Whether you are facing financial hardship or are simply looking to stay on budget, The Jones Law Firm has a few tips for ways to save this holiday season!

Make a List Of What You Need

Santa may have a naughty and nice list, but that doesn’t mean you should pen one yourself. Create a gift and event list for the season, be it family, friends, coworkers, and holiday dinner needs. Then set an overall budget for each category, establishing who really is on your gifting list and who can be cut.

This isn’t meant to be harsh, but when overspending is a problem--stick to the list! If your white elephant at work is $20--only spend $20--nobody wants to be Michael Scott and show up with an iPod at the holiday exchange, anyway.

Rule of 4 For Kids Holiday Wishlist

From new gaming stations to dolls and toys, the average kiddo has quite the extensive holiday wishlist for the man in red. But the elves aren’t always able to deliver, which can make parent’s pocketbooks hurt.

A lot of families have adopted the rule of 4 when it comes to holiday gifts: One gift they want, one gift they need, one gift to wear, and one gift to read. While some parents worry it will make Christmas morning seem underwhelming, the reality is that science shows that kids are more likely to enjoy and get full use out of their holiday gifts when the piles aren’t so overwhelming.

Shop Deals Smartly

You have your lists and budgets set, now it’s time to shop those circulars. Look for sales, rebates, and more to make that dollar go a little further (or to put it into a savings account for next year)!

Look out for other money-saving options too, like the browser extension Honey. Honey allows you to apply extra coupons floating around the World Wide Web, making sure you get the best deal!

Use This As An Opportunity For New Traditions

Whether you are considering bankruptcy, are in the midst of a Chapter 13 repayment plan, or are simply just looking for ways to save, consider using this year as the start of new traditions. Instead of store-bought gifts, give something homemade.

Not crafty--no problem! Consider a group outing as a gift for the entire family. There are no additional costs for the presentation, and everyone gets to be in on the decision. Or, if you typically host the neighborhood Christmas party, offer the idea of a holiday potluck or cookie exchange instead! It’ll save you on the cost of groceries, and everyone will get to share a favorite dish.

The holidays are stressful for everyone, but especially when money is tight. Though you may feel shame, you shouldn’t--you aren’t the only one feeling this way. And, as the season progresses, know that you have an ally in The Jones Law Firm. We can take your financial worries and melt them away like snow.

Make Your Holidays Bright Without Breaking the Bank With The Jones Law Firm

If you have looming debts and are considering bankruptcy, your holidays may feel everything but holly and jolly. Now is the time to contact Columbus, Ohio bankruptcy attorney Michael Ryan Jones. Our free consultation will give you an idea of the form of bankruptcy that is right for you, and if now is the right time for you. Don’t wait--start the new year off right.

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